Renewable Energy India Expo

Venue:  Greater Noida.
Date: 23th-25th, September, 2020

Renewable Energy India Expo

India is one of the countries with the most sizeable voluminous fabrication of energy from renewable sources. Unlike most countries, India does not count astronomically immense hydro power while accounting for renewable energy targets as it comes under the older Ministry of Power in lieu of Ministry of Incipient and Renewable Energy.

This system has been transmuted in 2019 and now the potency from immensely colossal hydro-power plants is additionally accounted for.

This was done to avail the sale of the ability from the sizeable voluminous Hydro-power plants, as this reclassification has made such plants able to sell their efficacy under the Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation.

Under the Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation, the DISCOMs (Distribution Company) of the sundry states have to source a certain percentage of their issuance from Renewable Energy Sources under two categories Solar and Non-Solar.

Renewable Electricity Sources

India is running one of the most astronomically immense and most zealous renewable capacity expansion programs in the world. More incipient renewable electricity sources are projected to grow massively by more proximate term 2022 targets, including a more than doubling of India’s astronomically immense wind power capacity and a virtually 15 fold increase in solar power from April 2016 levels. Such ambitious targets would place India among the world bellwethers in renewable energy use and place India at the center of its “Sunshine Countries” International Solar Coalition project promoting the magnification and development of solar power internationally to over 120 countries.

Renewable Energy India Expo

Renewable Energy India Expo is an ecumenical platform to jointly address policy initiatives and innovative finance models to expedite the potency-packed development of collaborative R&D and technology transfers to India in the field of renewable energy.

It assembles professionals and industry experts to apportion valuable experienced cognisance and innovative conceptions to make advanced this respective sector in the ecumenical market.


  • Stay apprised about the latest technological innovations in the renewable energy sector.
  • Meet the decision makers who are shaping the renewable energy market.

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